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Main project aims, means and resources involved in its achievement

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Problems to be addressed, background and main actions planned. Co-operating sectors and participants in Expert Panels.

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Description and role of the different partners have in each of the project activities.

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Main results achieved and planned as a result of the project actions. Project impact and communication and broadcasting actions.

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Layman´s Report

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Project video



Interview on radio program LUR BIZIA (Radio Vitoria)

Entrevista programa LUR BIZIA Radio Vitoria


Interview on radio program Landaberri (EITB) I

EITB Landaberri saioa I


Interview on radio program Landaberri (EITB) II

EITB Landaberri saioa II


Interview on radio program La Mecánica del Caracol (Radio Euskadi)

Entrevista La Mecánica del Caracol de Radio Euskadi


Interview on radio program Entre Fogones (Gastroradio) I

Entrevista Entre Fogones de Gastroradio I


Interview on radio program Entre Fogones (Gastroradio) II

Entrevista en el programa Entre Fogones de Gastroradio II


TV documentary in Sustraia (EITB)


TV news in Telenorte (RTVE)


TV documentary in AGROSFERA (RTVE)


Main actions


Sampling and characterisation of whey from different cheese factories. Collection of data related to quantities generated and management systems.

Pilot tests

Validation of whey protein fractionation, drying and biogas collection processes using Ultrafiltration (UF), Reverse Osmosis and Anaerobic Digestion pilot plants.

Human foodstuff prototypes

Production of foodstuff prototypes based on whey or including whey as an ingredient, of commercial interest for the cheese factories or for other companies in the food sector.

Animal feed product prototypes

Preparation of animal feed prototypes with added whey for feed testing to ascertain impact on cattle, recommended amounts and means of addition.

Development of the Action Plan

An Action Plan agreed by all stakeholders must be developed to set out the applicable recovery and exploitation procedures in each cheese factory of the CAPV.

Action Plan demonstration

Full-scale demonstration of whey collection feasibility in a number of cheese factories, taking into account whey handling and processing for the uses planned in the Action Plan.

Road Map preparation

Once the technical-economic and environmental feasibility of the Action Plan is determined, a Road Map including all actions required for implementation in the Basque Country will be defined.


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