Regarding the use of dairy whey in animal fodder, the following tests were carried out:

  • Laying hens farming: 10 week test
  • Meat chicken (broiler) farming: 1 x 42 days cycle
  • In-vitro tests for dairy ewes formula

In general, results obtained to date show a positive impact from dairy whey addition to different fodder.

  • Adding 6% of dairy whey to laying hen fodder increased laying rate by 9.1% in relation to another group fed with commercial fodder. The results of these tests can be found in the article “Formulación de lactosueros para aves de puesta” located in “Resources”.


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  • Fodder consumption by broilers was also reduced (9%) with a 8.8 weight increase, not affecting conversion rate.

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  • Regarding dairy ewes, a 12% dairy whey addition did not impact fodder digestibility for suckling lambs and improved microbial synthesis efficiency when combined with peas as protein source.

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