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5b panama canal expansion project begins with the construction of the Panama Canal The Panama Canal has not only become one of the world’s most va바둑이 사이트luable waterways, but also a leading port for the shipping of goods through the southern region. This has led to a remarkable growth in the number of container ship traffic in the canal. https://www.custodia4cover.it/products/hot-new-tommy-hilfiger-art-cover-iphone-8-plus The Panama Canal will extend from the port city of Curacao, on the island of Curacao, westwards to the border with Peru. The project will have the effect of widening and improving the canal’s width from 2.4 km to 3.4 km in order to reach a height of 25 km, from which a distance of 4.6 million people will live. By comparison, the Panama Canal has the widest extension at 3.4km. 구리출장마사지The expansion will result in the development of around a dozen port cities in the Panama Canal Zone in the western part of South America, from San Jose, San Juan, Curaçao, Manaus and Quito. It will also lead to an overall construction of about 50-60 km of construction material at the Port of Cartagena. https://www.cifnet.it/products/iphone-6-6s-cover-rigida-doppio-12custodia4iphone2090 The construction of the extension projects has generated large investment from the Government of the Republic of Panama, which has pledged up to US$1.3 billion (HK$1.8 billion) for the project. https://www.cifnet.it/products/amazon-cover-iphone-6s-wishlist-cover-13custodia4iphone3976 The new construction work comes at a time when some economic and political circumstances in the region are becoming difficult. https://www.custodia4cover.it/products/nike-just-do-it-cover-iphone-8-plus To date, in light of the difficulties in the region, and in view of the fact that Panama’s population is less than 50,000 people, its status as a regional centre is, at best, precarious, due to the fact that most of its maritime traffic is currently carried out by container ships. In addition, due to concerns about corruption, the Government of Panama has not done a high enough number of maritime border inspections and has thus not been able to take part in projects related to the construction of the new waterway, such as, for instance, t골목he project of the PanAm freight ship terminal (PSCT) on the southern half of the Panama Canal Zone. https://www.custodia4cover.it/products/new-corona-beer-cover-iphone-6-6s-plus This, along with the fact that no work has been carried out on the proposed Panama-Mexico border (see below), has prevented the completion of the major portion of the project. With the new construction, the total size of the canal, at an expansion ratio of 7.2 million m3/s, will be larger than it was in 2007 when the PanAm port terminal was proposed.


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