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During both meetings, the current status of the project activities was presented to the Artzai-Gazta and the Idiazabal Designations of Origin, as entities closely related to the cheese-making sector, and their opinion on this project’s goals was received. Some points to be highlighted from these conversations are:

  • They think that it is positive that VALORLACT considers the appropriate solutions for each type of cheese-making dairy and that the proposals are easy to implement and consistent with the sector’s reality.
  • They encourage to bear in mind other cheese-making dairies that are not located in the Basque Country, but that might interesting and could be included in the recovery plans due to their geographical location and production volume, thus helping to increase the collection and processing volumes, thereby increasing the feasibility of the final solution.
  • They mention the need to obtain reliable data on whey composition and management in small traditional cheese-making dairies so that the relevant authorities approve it as feed for livestock of the same farm.




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