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From the information gathered in the early stages of the project, a diagnosis of the current situation of whey generation and management in cheese-making dairies of the Basque Country has been drafted.

This analysis is based on data obtained by consulting several official sources (Basque Government), agencies and associations (Idiazabal, Artzai-Gazta Designations of Origin, etc.), as well as surveys and visits to different cheese-making dairies.

The document contains information regarding:

      • Types of cheese-making dairies based on production size and the whey type produced.
      • Geographical distribution.
      • Infrastructures and equipment available for management and treatment.
      • Governing Law.
      • Current management strategies.
      • Level of concern regarding whey management.
      • Existing initiatives that can serve as models.

Diagnostico porcentaje queserias por tamaño

  This diagnosis will be the basis for the further development of the “Action Plan”, which will include the   whey management and recovery proposal to be implemented in the Basque Country once the LIFE-      VALORLACT project ends.


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