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Collection of all dairy whey samples for analysis and characterisation has now been completed. In total, six cheese farms were selected to collect different sample types and volumes, according to their size and type of cheese making procedures. Most of these farms process sheep or mixed (cow-sheep) whey, as cheese farms processing cow whey only are a minority in the Basque Country.

During the visits, the following information was also collected from each farm: whey amounts generated, type of products, current management, infrastructures available, degree of interest or availability to take part in the project and future Action Plan to be implemented, etc.


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Cheese farms visited were:

  • VASCOLAC (Zamudio)
  • ALDANONDO (Agurain)
  • GOMIZTEGI (Oñati)
  • GALTZATA (Oiartzun)
  • VISTA ALEGRE (Karrantza)
  • ISUSI ANAIAK (Güeñes).


We would like to thank all of them for their willingness to open their doors, facilitating samples and sharing information regarding their processes, equipment and installations with us.





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