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From different sheep and mixed whey fractions obtained from concentration and drying tests (concentrate by Reverse Osmosis (RO), concentrate by Ultra Filtration and powder or liquid dairy whey) 4 food prototypes are being developed:


      • Cheese sauce

Prototipos salsa de queso 1

      • Dairy whey drink with fruits

Prototipos bebidas 1


      • Cheese bar for slicing

Prototipos queso 1

      • Soluble powder product

Prototipos polvo reconstituido 1


These prototypes contain different amounts of dairy whey (45-65%) as well as other ingredients which provide the necessary organoleptic and nutrition properties in each case. Work is currently under way to adapt the formula to improve sensory quality and production processes adaptability to enable easy scalability or reproducibility by cheese farms or food industries.






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