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During the first four months of the year, the pilot plant assembly and connection were finished with an application for electrical installation supply, hose connection to different tanks and pilot filter equipment transfer. In May and June, several operating tests and water equipment checks were also carried out.

Bomba de lactosuero y equipo de ultrafiltración

Serum pump and filtration system

In the anaerobic digestion plant, some changes to connectors and equipment were also implemented and a gasometer was installed.

Vista general de la planta piloto

Pilot plant

Between June and July 2014, the biogas plant was started-up by inoculation of digested sludge from a methanisation plant located in Navarra. During this period, reactors were filled and the feeding process was designed.


Esquema del funcionamiento general de la planta piloto

General scheme of the pilot plant

Initially, only dairy whey has been introduced in both methanisation reactors to help stabilising the process. After the summer, dairy whey from the cheese farm will be ultra-filtered and the resulting permeate will be introduced in one of the reactors. Thus, this process leads to biogas generation from two different substrates and both of them are industry by-products.

Once the adaptation process is finished, reliable results are expected in the forthcoming months and the plant is deemed ready for stable operation after the first 5-6 months of operation. This facility is expected to be operational until April 2015.








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