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On 15 December 2015, the 2nd Expert Panel of the VALORLACT project was held at the Basque Government facilities in Vitoria-Gasteiz, involving various actors from the dairy, livestock, feed manufacturing and academic sectors, as well as representatives of the Administration.

At the meeting, the project results concerning the demonstration and validation of recycling technologies; data collection and assessment of whey generation; development of feed and food prototypes; demonstration of whey collection at different cheese factories, were presented.

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Furthermore, the Action Plan proposal for the recovery of whey in the Basque Autonomous Community (CAPV), which includes both tailored solutions for the different types of cheese factories and proposals for collection and centralised recovery, was also presented. These proposals were also assessed from the point of view of their economic feasibility.

Finally, the proposed alternatives were discussed along with contributions and suggestions from the representatives of the different participating sectors.

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A roadmap will be created based on all the information collected for effective implementation of the Action Plan developed.


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