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At the beginning and end of summer, 2 lectures were presented at two International Conferences. Lectures focused mainly on the results of biogas generation tests.

Conferences attended were:

  • Lecture at ORBIT 2014. 9th Conference on Organic Resources and Biological Treatment, 26th-28th June, Godöllo (Hungary).

Logo congreso ORBIT 2014

  •  Lecture at III Progress in Biogas, 10th-11th September, Stuttgart (Germany).

Logo congreso BIOGAS 2014


In both conferences the lectures attracted major interest from the participants and networking facilitated contacts to expand the Co-operation Network.


Technical papers published in 2014 were as follows:

  •  “Aprovechamiento Integral del lactosuero generado en el sector lácteo: proyecto VALORLACT” (Integral use of dairy whey generated in the dairy sector: the VALORLACT project). Revista Industria Láctea Española (ILE) December 2013, pp. 30-36. Prepared by AZTI-Tecnalia.


  •  “Formulación de lactosuero en piensos para aves de puesta” (Dairy whey formulation for laying hens fodder). GANADERIA, Jan-Feb 2014, pp 44-47. Prepared by Neiker-Tecnalia.


Work presented is available to download from the “RESOURCES” section.





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