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Several tests were developed at a laboratory, pilot and industrial scale to develop food and animal feed prototypes and biogas production tests.

  • At laboratory level, whey and protein concentrates were obtained by reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, respectively, which can be used both wet and dry to produce 4 food and 6 animal feed prototypes. These tests were conducted by NEIKER -Tecnalia and AZTI- Tecnalia.
  • At pilot level, drying tests have been carried at the IRTA- ORDESA facilities (Catalonia) using whey concentrate. Products will be used for scaling the prototypes for human consumption.
  • At industrial level, whey preconcentrate by osmosis was dried at the RENY PICOT plant (Asturias) to obtain sufficient amounts of powdered whey to conduct cattle feed tests (laying birds and beef).


Liquid whey and concentrates used in these tests have been donated by two active partner cheese-making dairies: VASCOLAC (Zamudio) and ALDANONDO (Agurain – Salvatierra).

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