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The following stakeholders are part of the VALORLACT‘s work team:

Basque Government

gvThe Administration of the CAPV (Basque Country Autonomous Community) In charge of supervising and coordinating all actions, responsible for project monitoring and control processes. Proposing a Management Plan for whey.

+ information: http://www.industria.ejgv.euskadi.net/


aztiR&D centre specialised in the food sector Technical coordinator to characterise whey, select technologies, organise and coordinate demonstration tests, recovery and exploitation of human food and biogas generation.

+ information: http://www.azti.es/


neikerR&D Institute specialised in the Agro-food and Environmental sectors To coordinate the testing for whey recovery and exploitation for animal feed and validate processes with stakeholders and the relevant administrations.

+ information: http://www.neiker.net/

BM Ingenieria

bmPrivate company specialised in technology and environmental services. To create the biogas generation pilot plant on the basis of tests previously carried out using whey as substrate.

+ information: http://www.bmingenieria.com/


iberlactPrivate company specialised in equipment and projects for the agro-food sector. To provide advice on equipment selection, pilot test scale-up and study of the technical-economic feasibility of the solution.

+ information: http://www.iberlact.com/