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As part of the dissemination plan, a presentation of the VALORLACT Project action plan and roadmap, has been carried out on February 10 at the Center for Agricultural Research and Training of Cantabria, CIFA. The results and management options proposed in the Project were shared with professionals from the sector.

At this meeting they were represented 11 dairy companies, 1 supplier of equipment and ingredients and the same research and training center CIFA.

Presentacion CIFA feb16

Following the presentation of the obtained data and developed prototypes, different options of recovery and collection systems were explained, among which is the participation of some dairies in the area of Valle del Ason (Cantabria). 

The contributions collected are related to the difficulty they face in whey acceptance by livestock farms and expense generated by the hygiene and sanitary control.

Currently, in these dairies, whey is sending to pig farms or to companies that concentrate and dry outside Cantabria, also is used for livestock feed and sprayed on fields. Only a cheese dairy produces cottage cheese in small quantities.

As future actions, more recent figures on the actual situation of whey management in Cantabria will be collected, available whey  to collect and current destination.

Also, it was agreed to plan joint actions with CIFA to disseminate the project between farmers and public administration of Cantabria, in order to promote the implementation of the proposals contained in the Action Plan for the recovery of whey in both regions.


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